Which 5 Social Media Apps Will Be Top Ranking in 2020?

Social media sites have become a great way of communicating with friends and family. You not only stay connected with your fellows but also make new friends. Moreover, these sites ha also become a good source of business. People now find easy to communicate with consumers and show their latest products. There are several social media apps that have won the heart of followers. But the top five platforms that are on the top list are


One of the first social media apps that got access worldwide is Facebook. The app with multiple features is present almost all android or IOS users. It features interacting with friends through chat games, sharing photos, videos, and a direct messaging system. Moreover, it has become the best platform for business. People make a business page and start interacting with visitors.


Photo sharing was not easy before this social media app. Instagram one of the leading app that allows visitors to share their photos and videos with a variety of captions. It has become another big business source. People share photos of their products to get likes and appreciation. Moreover, the opportunity of buying online through the app also makes it convenient for visitors to directly shop from the site. Page owner adds the option of the shop no. Visitors click on the link directly reach to the website and shop their favorite product. Gaining Instagram followers in a short time is easy as well. it has become another business marketing source. People add their business to their profile and communicate with the audience to get likes and grow their business.


Whatsapp has become one of the widely used interacting platforms. You can communicate with friends through text, audio, and video call. Share your experience through the status option. It has become a widely used communication channel because of its excellent service. If there is no internet issue then voice communication is very clear and one enjoys talking through this media. It is the best and easy way to keep yourself connected with your loved ones.


Another amazing platform for making communication with fellows is WeChat. You can share text, audio, video, and photos with your friends. It is a china based company. According to reviews, it has a more reliable service people are preferring to use this network.


Tencent QQ is another fascinating communication site. It has been used in more than 80 countries. It is also china originated communication system. It provides the option of text and audio chatting. The user connects immediately to keep in touch with each other. It is the fast mode of building relationships with other fellows.

These are the top five ranked social media apps that re most commonly used in previous years and expected to maintain their ranking in 2020 as well. There are many others but their privacy and easy communicating system make thee social media sites reliable and convenient to use.

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