What To Eat To Fill Me Up After Wisdom Teeth Removal

So are you curious about what is wisdom teeth and what to eat after wisdom teeth removal? You are at the right place to get these answers. Wisdom teeth are your third molar teeth and grow at the back of your gums. Okay so now that we know these are a part of our jaw why do people get these removed? Well, as mentioned these grow at the back of the gum, these don’t essentially grow in the right direction and can cause health problems like jaw pain, swelling, or allergies. And this is why it becomes necessary to remove wisdom teeth.

However, pulling wisdom teeth out is very painful and doctors advise proper nutrition to prevent problems like swelling and other complications. Also, adequate food helps to escalate the healing process and relieves pain. You cannot eat just anything nutritious after removing wisdom teeth. The most important characteristics to focus on when making the food choice is that it should be cold and soft. Let’s shed some light on what to eat after wisdom teeth removal and what to avoid.


These are not cold but are soft and nutritious enough to replace the daily dietary items. Soups like that of pumpkin or tomato can help the most. Furthermore, the vitamin and mineral content of soups are sufficient to fill you up. But keep in mind that your soup must either be cold or lukewarm as hot soups may lead to swelling and irritation.


This is not as nutritious as other items maybe, but it is a must to have immediately after removing wisdom teeth. This is because it is quite cold and helps getting rid of the numbness and swelling real quick. People often prepare ice-creams at home to make it a healthy choice. You can either mash a banana or a mango. Mix with milk, ice, and other ice-cream ingredients.



Avocado and other such soothing fruits can help you relieve pain. Plus you can get the nutrition you want from fruits. People who have four wisdom teeth find it difficult to eat anything and soft food is what keeps them nutritious and healthy. On the whole, avocadoes are easy to consume, but still, it is better to cut or mash them before eating. Also, it has been proven in a scientific study that fruits like this speed up the healing process.


One obvious item on the list is yogurt. It is cold, it is healthy, and it is soft. What else do you need? Yogurt not only helps in preventing swelling, but it also prolongs the cooling effect that provides the necessary environment for healing. Also, yogurt is irritation-free and hence is an ideal choice.

What not to eat?

Now that you know what to eat let us get down to what should be passed over. If you have removed your wisdom tooth/teeth you must not eat anything crunchy, spicy, and chewy food. Also, don’t eat fruits that have seeds or food that has grains as they can be stuck in the gap and may lead to health problems.


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