What are backlinks and why they are essential for SEO?

For the search engine optimization, it is compulsory to have a look at all of the aspects so that you can have a flourishing strategy which includes keywords, meta tags, contents and most importantly, backlinks. Backlinks is one of the essential parts of SEO. They play an important role in the equation of SEO.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are also called as inbound or one-way links. They just simply make a link that points between your website and the website of another person. One of the best things about backlinks is that they help you in promoting your blog and site just by acting as hyperlinks through another source.

Connection between Backlinks and SEO:

Backlinks have some effects on the ranking of your SEO and SERP (search engine result pages). Algorithms are used by search engines in order to gather the information as well as rank pages. Usually for the contents and backlinks, bots and spiders are used to crawl your site. The volume and the relevance of all the pages that links to your sites are aggregated by the search engines which have an impact on your page rank also. So, better your backlinks are, better will be the SERP.

Highs and Lows of Backlinks:

When someone searches something on Google, search engine usually displays its best results with the help of its ranking. Same goes for backlinks. Backlinks with the good quality links point your website from the other website of high pages authority. In case of SEO, there is not a big difference and it will disappoint you if the sites that are linked to you are the sites that are small and low ranked.

Access to Right Links:

As there are various types of backlinks and many ways to access them, it doesn’t matter if you have any technical skills to acquire backlinks, because it is more about to have some networks and a relationship-building. Only quality content can help you get the quality backlinks. Here are some of the ways:


  1. Articles, case study, blogs, press release, infographic and a good content that can be shared.
  2. New blog should be added on regular basis.
  3. Stay active on the social media platform.
  4. Better to link back relatable contents.
  5. Go with the advantage of directories of search engine and the sites.
  6. Make the process of sharing easy for the people through links.


Techniques of black hat and improper tactics should be avoided. It is said by the experts that backlinks should be built steadily with time. Otherwise, your reputation can be damaged if you purchase it by 100 overnight. It is better to let backlinks get back to your website rather than having a thousand at a same time. It will help you to have a trust on the search engines and in SEA it will also help in the ranking of your site. According to the experts, the effect of Backlinks on the ranking of search engine is more than anything else.

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