How to learn graphic designing in Covid-19 quarantine to get freelance jobs

Quarantine is the best time to polish existing skills and to learn new skills. No one is equipped with extensive workload, or has work related stress. Therefore, one should utilize this time as much as one can to learn something new. It is indeed a blessing in disguise for people who want to learn new things but don’t have time because of hectic schedules.

People should utilize this time to the fullest to learn skills that can help them earn money while they stay at home. Specially, college students should effectively utilize this time instead of wasting time on social media. There are a number of online jobs for college students that allow them to be productive and make use of their talents to earn some money.

Graphic designing is a skill that can bring you a lot of money. People who are interested in this field but are not educated enough can take various online courses to get expertise. Once a person gets expertise, he/she can get different freelance jobs that are related to graphic designing. There is no age limit for a person to learn this skill. An office person to a college going can learn this skill and benefit from it.

Alison Online

It is an online website which allows a person to study anything from any part of the world free of cost. However, the users can learn from the website for free at the initial stages. If a person wants to take advantage from the additional features, they will have to pay an amount to make a subscription. The website consists of various courses, not just graphic designing. Anyone who wants to learn any skill should just get to this website. After learning, the website also conducts a test and proper certificates are awarded to candidates.

These certificates would be great to grasp a freelance job. Students should definitely educate themselves via this website because there are various online jobs for college students. Students should avail this freelance opportunity to at least bear their own expenses.

This website offers a number of courses on graphic designing for free from basic to a professional level.


Udemy is another online platform for learning graphic design. Here students are educated by videos by professionals and proper classes are held. These classes get a rating on the basis of the quality of the lecture that is being provided. Some courses on this website are free, and some would require you to make a subscription. The free courses cover the basics, and the principles related to design. Once a student gets to learn the basics, he can move forward toward other courses. Students should definitely utilize this quarantine time for the better. A skilled one learns is going to benefit him forever if he makes productive use of his skills.

There are many other online websites and platforms that offer free courses. A person who is strongly motivated should take advantage of these websites to learn new skills.