How to create and publish a TikTok video with lip-sync

Have you tried the “Dubbing” Function, and did you like it so much that you would also like to apply it to video clips of your production? Nice idea! It is a great way to get more likes and followers with buying TikTok comments. You can do it really simply, following the steps that I will outline in the following paragraphs.

Choose and upload the video.

If you have already recorded a video, access the TikTok multimedia editor and choose the Upload option (bottom right, in the initial editing screen). You will then be redirected to the library of the photo and video content present on your smartphone. Choose the video you want to dub, touch it, and press next.

At this point, decide whether to dub the whole video or only a part of it, reducing or enlarging the red box around the frames of the clip. Tap Next and then select the “dubbing “option.

Then follow the steps from number 7 of the paragraph dedicated to how to create a sound with the Dubbing functionality, to conclude the audio editing and eventually publish the video without too many customizations. If you wish to go further, read on. 

Voice effects for dubbing TikTok

Are you trying to dub a video, but your voice just doesn’t convince you? The ” dubbing “function includes the possibility of transforming the vocal timbre with very nice sound effects, which manipulate the voice in a completely curious way.

After recording the video, tap on the “Effects “icon and choose from:

  • Squirrel effect;
  • Baritone;
  • Vibrato;
  • Electronic;
  • Echo;
  • Microphone;
  • Helium;
  • Giant.

By touching the individual icons, you will feel that the voice tone will be changed in real-time. Simply, apply whatever you like, and then tap any part of the screen to return to the media editor. Add music or sounds in the background and possibly change the volumes.

Finally, click on Next and add a description, hashtag, and (if you believe) mentions, and then publish the video.

Lip-sync on TikTok

Do you want to perform lip sync on TikTok to pretend to sing and move at the time of your favorite song? Here’s how to do it:

  1. Think of a concept for your video, so as not to get unprepared when shooting and singing;
  2. Log in to TikTok and open the multimedia editor
  3. Choose the hit on which to perform lip-sync, touch Sounds (at the top of the screen), and navigate within the well-stocked TikTok audio library. When you have identified it, tap on the song you are interested in, then select the red tick
  4. You will be redirected to the audio editor, and you can make changes in relation to the playback speed by tapping on the Speed icon (and then tapping on the various options, from 0.3x to 3x).

At this point, you just have to shoot the video: mimic the singing while listening to the song being played, make cuts, and add the effects.

Video editing and sharing

Before proceeding with the publication of a video, I recommend that you edit it by making the most of the tools made available by the platform. However, you will find a lot of choices among filters, stickers, special effects, and writings; you will be really spoiled for choice when it comes to making your video original.

Once the changes are complete, all you have to do is share. Add a worthy description and adding hashtags and mentions, and who knows if, with the right commitment and a pinch of luck, your video will go viral.