Ever wondered why people love studying in Qatar?

Qatar has ranked fourth worldwide in the quality of education according to the Global Competitiveness Report 2012-13. Qatar is a popular choice for education among many people around the globe planning to study abroad and also among the natives of Qatar. Primary, secondary and higher educations in Qatar are all at par with international standards and many love studying in Qatar. Why is that so?

  • Primary and secondary education:

According to the latest report of 2012-13, standard of primary education in Qatar was ranked 10th among the 142 countries worldwide. Qatar is known for providing education that reaches the standards of scientifically advanced countries around the world.

Not only is the standard of education exceptional in Qatar, so is its environment. Qatar ranks first worldwide for maintaining a high standard of hygiene and health in its schools.

  • Higher education:

Higher education in Qatar is equally successful and popular among those looking for good universities for higher education. Finding scholarships for Universities in Qatar under Qatar Foundation are known for the diverse community it houses, reeling in students from all over the world. This diversity exposes students to a variety of experiences and cultures and this plays an essential role in the growth of the fresh minds. People looking for universities to apply in, hope to find a similar environment which is one of the many reasons why many aim to study in Qatar.

An increasingly large number of foreign universities are establishing branches in Qatar which has opened up new avenues for the natives as well as those worldwide enrolling in universities in Qatar.

Another one of the many attractions in the universities of Qatar is the significantly large number of scholarships, with approximately 400 recipients each academic year, together with need-based financial aid options for the students. Loans given are interest-free and repayments can also be made by working at one of the organizations in Qatar.

Financial considerations are priority for many of the students and their parents when looking for universities to apply in and the scholarship and financial aid options at universities in Qatar are what attract many people.

Education in Qatar is also not just limited to the classroom or the course. It extends beyond the boundaries of the institute and the hands-on experience that is a part of the curriculum is unlike anywhere else.

The largest and oldest university in Qatar; Qatar University, is the institute many look forward to enrolling in. Education standard in Qatar University can compete with the top universities around the globe. Qatar University is internationally recognized and not only a part of education associations but also has strong ties with other recognized universities. The university’s supportive environment and staff is also one of the many reasons people love studying in Qatar.

Qatar is therefore often at the top of the priority list for many of the students looking for universities for higher education. At the same time, primary and secondary educations in Qatar schools provide children enriching experiences and make education exciting for them. Studying in Qatar is thus an experience that is worthwhile and one that many look forward to.

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