5 Reasons Why We Need Grazing Animals?

Before diving deep into reasons why we grazing animals are so essential to eco system, first we should understand what grazing is and which animals are called grazing animals. It is an agricultural term referring to a method of animal husbandry in which animals of domestic livestock are let out in open to consume wild vegetation.  Livestock consumes grass and other eatables to convert them in milk, meat, wool and many other products produced by animals. Grazing is allowed on lands which are usually not suitable for regular farming. 

Grazing animals can be broadly categories into:

  1. Cattle
  2. Horses and Ponies
  3. Goats and Deer
  4. Sheep

5 Reasons Why We Need Grazing Animals?


Few of the most important reasons why we need grazing and grazing animals are as follows:

  1. It might appear as a surprise but we need livestock grazing animals to transform nutrients and carbons into more active state to feed soil life for better growth of vegetables and greenery. These carbons and nutrients are usually locked in an inactive state in vegetation above the ground. Animals consume them and complete a cycle into more active state. 
  2. We need grazing animals to consume cover crops and turn them into much more beneficial residue for nourishment of soil. It is an easy way to terminate cover crops in order to prepare the soil for next main crops of the season. 
  3.  Grazing livestock helps many essential activities to be profitable which would not make any profit otherwise. Cover crops are good example of that. Cover crops cannot make any profit on their own but being consumed by grazing animals makes them profitable by appropriately covering the land and producing meat. 
  4. Large herds of grazing animals help mow vast lands with their hooves.  Mowing vast lands with mechanical means can be expensive and time consuming. Not mowing a land has proven to be disastrous for future crops to come. 
  5. Different grazing species consume different wild vegetation not only providing variety of essential nutrients but also eradicating land of unwanted vegetation. So, it is better to have variety of grazing animals instead of one type for better health of land and eco-system.

5 Reasons Why We Need Grazing Animals?

However over grazing can be harmful for that field and whole ecosystem in general.  Grazing patterns of domestic animals like goats, sheep, and cattle can be controlled through domestic feeding but few wild grazers like deer can go out of control.  They move from land to land, in a herd, in search of fresh grazing fields. Deer might graze on a land which you might like your domestic cattle to graze on, making it hard for you to provide for your cattle and keep your herd healthy.

You can use deer feeders to prevent deer herd from grazing in your desired field. All you have to do is put some deer feed in a readily available best deer feeders and place it in an area slightly outside the field. Deer will get attracted to the feed inside and consume it without grazing on the field. 

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