4 killer tips for super successful video Marketing Campaign

Your video needs a climactic moment that people remember. The video marketing business isn’t very different from every other storytelling medium. You need a beginning that introduces what’s going on, a climax where viewers get the warm tinglies (or any other strong emotion), and a resolution about what they learned. In this post, you will learn about the tactics for successful video marketing campaign. Read on!

Visuals have viral influence:

A car flipping over a helicopter, while the driver of the car is winking at the pilot of said helicopter, certainly qualifies as a strong visual. I still see that image in my head nearly a year after originally viewing it! For a thumbnail they went with a mysterious mountain chalet, covered in snow, with the highly contrasting car having left a skid mark behind it. The added text drives home the point: The Legend which is returning is the 208 GTi. Now when viral influencers share the post, those who see it will get this great visual which quickly introduces them to the ride they’re about to take!

Go For One Clear Message

You can’t help but walk away from a video like that having understood a clear message: Risk everything, take chances, and push yourself. It’s an exciting message, and it’s an unmistakable one. This didn’t happen by accident. Nike Football’s team sat down and established that as what you would learn from this campaign. The entire campaign has nearly 2 billion views. How do you think they did?

Once you have that one message do not add more on top. Remember the age-old phrase of ‘keep it simple, stupid’?  Nike was also smart to incorporate that message into a hashtag. This is a key aspect of making your YouTube and Twitter marketing work together as one online marketing tool.

People love to watch something sentimental

The reason the sentimental video view over million times is everyone who watched it and had a laugh wanted their friends to have that same experience of joy. So they shared it and shared and shared it, and it went viral. The secret to all video marketing is that it’s emotions which go viral; the video is just the medium the emotion triggers are presented in.

Work on Sustainable Growth

Now here’s how it works with sustainable growth:

  1. Pepsi connected this video to other videos on their channel. This will drive engagement across their entire video marketing campaign.
  2. They added a ‘Click here to subscribe’ YouTube Annotation at the 3:30 mark. This isn’t an arbitrary time. It’s right when the climax of the video is happening during maximum ‘eyes on screen’ time.
  3. They used a hashtag to grow sustainable growth on social media.

The importance of points one and two cannot be emphasized enough. If you’re not driving subscriptions without buying views, and pushing people to other content to build your YouTube channel, you’re wasting your time. You’re wasting the real opportunity presented by your viral video. And you’re wasting my time as a viewer who could be interested in you.